Books by Rachel Gibson Tuesday, Jan 5 2010 

I’m a girl, and so to go with all of the stereotypes, I love romantic reads. One of my most loved authors of this genre is Rachel Gibson.

She has a whole series of books which are single standing, but each story is connected somehow to the other books, by either characters or places. 

Sex, Lies And Online Dating is one of the first of Gibsons novels I ever picked up. In it, Lucy is writing a dating novel and is doing research by going on random dates with men she has met online. She meets hilariously hapless losers, vain weirdos and lovelorn men with mummy issues. Then, on one impulsive date, she meets Quinn, a self proclaimed plumber who has yet to find “the one”. Lucy is blown away – she never expected to find a seemingly nice, normal guy (and especially not one so hot!). But Quinn has a secret: he is actually an undercover cop, trying to solve a murder case. There has been a series of murders that all lead back to certain online dating sites – and Lucy. Both of them continue this dance, neither of them trusting the other, while danger ensues. Men Lucy has been on dates with turn up dead, and Quinn starts to suspect her, despite falling for her at the same time. Lucy feels as though her life’s in danger, but can she trust Quinn? He has more secrets than knowledge on plumbing, but she can’t stop thinking about him. A modern day love story, mixed in with crime and drama and boatloads of humour. Buy this book – it’s a gem!

See Jane Score is another book that had me hooked. Jane is a petite, non-flashy journalist who is given the job to follow the Seattle Chinook hockey team for the season. Not a sports fan by nature, she studiously throws herself into learning everything “hockey”. The team doesn’t want her there – in their eyes, she’s a parasitic reporter and a woman – both things that apparently impact on the teams luck while playing. (Silly, superstitious men!) Luc, one of the hardest nosed players, especially resents Janes presence. She isn’t the kind of woman he normally likes – blonde, curvaceous and eternally slutty. Jane is small, a little plain, and has more brains than all of Lucs exes put together. They clash, Luc believing Jane is an uptight little girl with no imagination. Jane finds Luc absolutely frustrating and pig-headed, albeit gorgeous. As the team comes to accept her, and she gets to know the sport and its lifestyle, Jane finds fodder for her secret life – as Honey Pie, the magazine columnist that writes scandalous and sexy pieces for a popular magazine. An apples and oranges story, one filled with twists and turns and plenty of characters flaws – but wow! The love-hate magnetism between the two lead characters! And what’s sexier than a hockey team, coupled with a woman who isn’t your typical sex symbol but still manages to be every mans dream? Great book.

There are a whole heap of books just as good as these two – all funny, with strikingly different characters and wonderfully colourful plot lines. Go, buy, read – ENJOY! You can buy her books from most bookshops, or even buy online at Fishpond or MightyApe

Rachel Gibson and her Books


Evermore by Alyson Noel Monday, Jan 4 2010 

I love books. All kinds of books – which is why I also find myself reading the odd bit of young adult fiction. I went out the other day and spotted a book called Evermore by Alyson Noel, an author I had never heard of before. Reading the back, it seemed a little Twilight-wannabe, but I thought “Oh, I’ll give it a go.”

So I bought the first book (in a series of three, so far) and took it on holiday with me. I wasn’t expecting too much, but I really enjoyed it, and as soon as I could I ordered the next two on MightyApe.

Evermore is about a sixteen year old girl called Ever Bloom, who is the sole survivor of a horrific car accident that killed both of her parents and her little sister, Riley. Ever goes from a blonde, cheerleader type with a great life to a guilt-ridden, baggy-clothing wearing freak that lives with her rich but detached Aunt. Oh, and did I mention that since the crash where she sustained a massive head injury, she’s been psychic? 

She hears every single persons thoughts, more so on touch. She sits in school with her hood up over her head and her iPod on full blast, trying to drown out the nastiness of high school, the pain, the personal agonies. She cannot switch off her ability, sometimes finding the world too much to handle. Her two best (and only) friends, are Haven and Miles. Haven is a goth-emo-punk wannabe that just wants to be loved, and Miles is a fun, over the top gay guy. The three of them are the schools “losers”, but Ever doesn’t care. Her life is over, in her mind, as she holds herself responsible for the crash and wont forgive herself. The highlight of her day is that her dead sister Riley still visits her, still being as annoying as always, but will not inform Ever of where their parents are. Life continues on like this for a while…

Then one day, along comes Damen. Gorgeous, sexy, confident, worldly. Every female (and Miles!) jumps up and down for joy at the sight of this newcomer, except for Ever. Oh yes, she can’t help but drool over him too, but there is more to Damen than everyone else see’s. When Damen is around, when he touches her, the psychic voices fade away to nothing. He pulls flowers out of thin air, moves faster than should be humanly possible. Every little thing is noted by Ever, and even though she is suspicious of him, she falls very quickly in love.

Then things start to get dangerous, dark. People start to die, a woman from Damons past (Drina) turns up and steals away Haven, and Ever hits rock bottom and turns to alcohol to dull the pain of her life.

This book is for teens, yes, but it’s not soft and fluffy. It’s not an easy love story, and it’s not your typical Vamp page-turner either. It’s well written, you really feel for Ever and everything she has to go through, and the twists and turns are ones you would never guess. The characters aren’t perfect, but that makes it easier to relate to them. It’s a modern take on supernatural love, with mention of iPhones, The TV show Friends and MP3 players. 

If you have a teen queen (or king!) that loved Twilight, L.J. Smiths books or anything similar – then buy this series. If you are like me and find merit in just reading good books, no matter what the target audience is, then here’s the books for you! 🙂

Evermore by Alyson Noel