Quick Nando’s Update Tuesday, Mar 23 2010 

This is just for New Zealand Nando’s fanatics!

As of this week, all of the Nando’s restaurants will be selling their peri peri salt (the very same stuff they sprinkle on their hot chips!) in glass shakers for home consumption. The price (so sayeth a nice employee) will be approximately NZD$5.00. Not bad for such a delicious addition to my spice rack!

I have been waiting for this for a long time – even emailed Nando’s direct to ask when little old NZ would be able to purchase this addictive powder. America has it (you can buy it at Tesco’s) but as per usual, New Zealand often comes last with these things.

But, lets celebrate the fact we can now buy their world famous peri peri salt and add it to EVERYTHING we eat from now on! 😀 I just hope that, like other countries, we get the peri peri salt in different levels of spiciness! I want extra hot! *Fingers crossed*

Nando's Peri Peri Salt

I Surfed, I Stumbled Saturday, Feb 27 2010 

Well, this is just a quick post to show you some of the things I have stumbled across online recently. The weird and the wonderful – truly!

Well, this made me cringe, but I thought the girl kind of deserved it. A guy used a Radio Station (Point) to end his relationship with his girlfriend after finding out she had been cheating on him. The twist was, the girlfriend had found the engagement ring he had bought her and thought he was going to propose – ouch! It’s not nice, and I’d never recommend anyone do this, but hey… kind of entertaining… Listen here.

Brilliant Old Spice Commercial… totally had me in fits of laughter!

Interesting article on nail salons and what some of them are doing unbeknownst to their customers. Apparently they have been refilling the designer brand polish with $2 Dollar Shop brands to cut costs… Totally evil, as the designer brands (such as O.P.I.) have been getting complaints. Plus, the customers are paying for quality and getting CRAP! Read the full article here.

Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Care About Us” clip, danced to by Prison inmates… Amazing. Watch it here.

Here is a blog for all of you Tila Tequila haters out there (or people who just want to see a social car wreck). This blog breaks down all of the crap Tila has spouted, and aligned it with the truth, other news reports and so on. Damn, this girl liiieeesss. Check out this blog here.

My latest fashion find, thanks to a work colleague, is Shoes Of Prey. This is a website where you can design and buy your own pair of heels – Hot! It’s not cheap (approximately USD$350) but it’s brilliant fun to design your perfect shoes! And if you love them enough, you can buy them!

Here’s the new Robert Pattinson (of Twilight fame) video; an artsy, bizarre clip where he is surrounded by half naked women whilst the camera seems to be having an epileptic fit. Oh well, watch it here – he is still hot! 😉

For cuteness factor alone, here is Dory Moments, an edited clip of all the best Dory scenes from the Pixar movie Finding Nemo. “Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming swimming…”

I will end with something truly adorable! A news story on an elephant and her best friend, a dog. Watch it here. Will make you feel all warm inside (yeah yeah, I’m a sap!)

That’s enough of my time wasters, but I hope you found something to enjoy! 🙂

Those In Glass Houses...

Guys - Take Note!

The Importance Of Literacy

iPhone Funny

Like them Roswell kids… Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

You remember in Roswell, how the Alien’s always put hot sauce on everything? I’m kind of like that. Whether it be scrambles eggs, pizza or seafood, I have an assortment of hot and spicy sauces I use to give my food a real bite! Here is a list of some of my top picks for spicing up your food at mealtimes: 

1) Of course, the all-famous Tobasco Sauce. (As seen in the before mentioned Roswell TV show) The original recipe is delicious but the new extra hot is a mouth watering choice for spicing up your meal! Works a treat with pizza, bacon and eggs and fish. Being quite a thin sauce, it’s also great for soups and casseroles. 

2) Kaitaia Fire chilli sauce – The original award winning organic hot sauce, made from a blend of cayenne and habanero chilli peppers organically grown in the far north of New Zealand and barrel aged for three years. Absolutely delicious with red meat dishes like mince and steak. 

3) Nandos Peri Peri range… Now these come in everything from mild to spicy, but of course I’m talking about the extra hot sauce! Especially good on chicken (As Nandos does in their restaurants) but can make Mexican dishes and so on so much better as well.

4) Blair’s Mega Death Hot Sauce… YUM! Really good drizzled over foods that don’t have a lot of flavour like wedges, chicken salads and in sandwiches.

5) Crystal Louisiana Hot Sauce – This is available for under three dollars at places like Pak N Save, but wow! One of the best hot sauces on the market. It’s an un-thickened sauce, much like Tobasco, with a really unique spicy taste to it. Great for pizzas, soups, pastas and seafood.

So there you go! A totally useless entry about my top five hot sauces. But seeing as I carry at least one bottle around with me at all times, it’s certainly a prominent part of my life! 

Crystal Hot Sauce

Louisiana Crystal Hot Sauce