Longroom Saturday, Dec 5 2009 

So tonight I went to longroom, a cafe/club/bar on Ponsonby Road (Formerly Safari Lounge) due to the fact my friend was having an engagement party that moved on from dinner to drinks. Now, at the moment, I’m a bit crippled. Was in a car accident a few months back and now hobble around on a crutch due to a broken femur (I’d have two, but my left arm is broken too – yeah, life sucks, eh) so I’m sure you’d understand that I haven’t been to a club in a while!

It was raining – hard – and the club was packed. All I could think about was either slipping over in front of a massive crowd of people, or getting taken out by a tipsy club-goer who didn’t have the coherency to be careful around me! But I bit my lip and went in – and although there were a lot of idiotic tipsy people that were quite close to taking me out, thanks to the great staff at longroom I was fine.

I was so impressed with their help. The club was packed and I’m sure they had much better things to do than to take care of me, but they walked me in with an umbrella, walked me through the crowd and creating space around me so that no one walked into me or hit me with their handbags, and even cleared a table in the corner for me and my peeps. Once there, they kept coming and checking on me, seeing if I needed a drink as I couldn’t go the bar and carry one back for myself. And even when I left, they helped me out, unbrella whipped out again.

The club is gorgeous, the music great, the service phenomenal. But what I really want to rave about is how absolutely wonderful the staff are. I was so grateful to them for making my night safe and easy, and for taking the time to be decent human beings. Longroom obviously hires well, and I will certainly be going back! (Especially when I’m all better!)

Thanks longroom!


First Mobile Vodafone Monday, Nov 30 2009 

There is nothing as frustrating, in my opinion, than when you have to sort out your cellphone. Whether it be buying a new phone, setting up a contract or buying accessories, I tend to stuff it up somehow. And it can be really hard to find great people in retail these days to help you muddle through the process. But, yay! I have found help!

I’m on Vodafone (Sorry Telecom) and I have found two First Mobile Vodafone stores that are extremely well run, stocked with all the newest gear and have phenomenal managers. One is the First Mobile in Newmarket, the other is the First Mobile in Albany (situated in the mall). The managers in these stores, and their friendly staff, seem to have all the answers to all of my frustrated questions. Between them (the Newmarket manager Liz and the Albany manager Andrew) I have recently acquired a new phone, a new contract, car cradles for both my mother and my boss, a case and the list goes on. They have also helped my mother with her business contract and new phones over the years, along with setting up internet for my auntie and equipping all of my friends with their phones and contracts. They are BRILLIANT.

If you need quality, honest help with your Vodafone phone – go to them. They rock. 


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