Sandpaper Skin vs Bio Oil Tuesday, Mar 2 2010 

This is just my uber quick beauty tip.

Recently, I have been suffering from dry skin. Using my normal skin-care routine just hasn’t been cutting it; I end up with dry skin again a few hours later. Moisturisers, no matter how good, just aren’t quite enough to combat REALLY dry skin. Now, the one thing that looks just as bad as having dry skin, is having shiny, oily skin. So using any really oily skin products is out of the question, unless you want to walk out of your house glistening. Unless…

…Listen up, I have found something that works for me. Simple, easy.

Before I go to bed, I use my St. Ives exfoliant to get rid of any build up on the skin. Then, I absolutely slather my face in Bio Oil. Yes, you heard me correctly – Bio Oil. Bio Oil is mostly known for getting rid of stretch marks and scars, but it is equally effective on dry skin.

After you apply, you look like a shiny, glistening dork. But the next morning, when you wake up and wash the excess off, your skin is absolutely glowing, without a hint of dryness. Throughout the whole day you will see a marked difference. So if you suffer from dry skin that you just haven’t been able to beat – give it a go. It worked for me.

Extra tip – I also rub Bio Oil onto my legs after shaving/waxing. It causes no irritation, and stops my legs from becoming dry. Brilliant stuff! Plus, with a bottle of Bio Oil starting at NZD$20.00, it’s not expensive at all, and it lasts aaaggeesss.

Bio Oil can be purchased in most Chemists/Pharmacies and in some supermarkets. If you can’t find it, just go online and have a hunt. It’s worth it.

The Bio Oil Range

“Sensitive Area” Bleach… Hmm… Monday, Feb 1 2010 

So I have a nice pink scar on one of my thighs from a car accident I was in last year, and as a woman, I could deal with the broken bones and all of the frustrating physio, but being left with scars has just annoyed the hell out of me. So, naturally, I scoured the internet and asked professionals what kind of scar treatment products worked the best.

So I used certain medical grade products for the scar, and it healed nice and flat, but I was left with a very pink line. So, once again, I went on the hunt.

Now, don’t laugh, but I basically ended up with Anal and Vaginal bleaching gel from South Beach. I bet that made you stop and question my sanity! But hear me out…

I did a lot of research and found that “South Beach Lightening Gel For Sensitive Areas” is purely a safe way to lighten any dark pigmentation of the skin. It can be used for anything from, err, what I just mentioned (haha) to scars, dark underarms and elbows, age spots and general pigment problems. It’s so gentle you can use it straight after waxing, and… it works!

My scar is looking great, going in a few short weeks from a purple-pink to a light pink. I put it on twice a day; when I get up in the morning and after my shower at night. It’s a brilliant, no fuss gel that doesn’t sting, smell or cause any skin reaction for those who are extremely sensitive (me!). The only warning on the box is to, obviously, not ingest it and to not risk using it if you are pregnant. Fair enough.

So! If you have any scars that you want to lighten (or have any other “Sensitive areas” that could do with some easy bleaching) I’d recommend this product. Have a look at their website (it is American) as they have a whole range of different products made by them. The products aren’t cheap, I bought my one 60 ml tube from a beauty salon here in New Zealand for NZD$95. Go on, don’t let the anal/vaginal thing scare you off 😉

South Beach Lightening Gel For Sensitive Areas

Za Za Zoom! Tuesday, Dec 8 2009 

My latest foray into facial/body and makeup products has been with the line from Za New York. And I’ll tell you what – I love the stuff!

They have a whole heap of different things, but I’m mainly going to talk about their True White Emulsion Clarifying Agent. The bottle claims “Smooth moisturizing (it’s from the US so will stick with their spelling!) emulsion helps diminish spots and acne scars”. Well, like most women, my skin tone isn’t perfectly even. So I thought, hmm, worth a go. It’s also a moisturiser, prevents blemishes and smoothes skin while retaining its natural moisture balance. Now I’ve got you all excited, you’re thinking – “Does it work?!”

Well, so far yes! It feels like heavy silk when it goes on, and it absorbs beautifully. I put it on when I go to bed and have found that, in the morning, I don’t HAVE to slather myself in face creme due to my skin drying out overnight! This was a bit of a miracle to me, as dry skin just is my pet hate. It looks awful and I’m anal about making sure my face is void of it at all times.

Now, my skin tone is also looking better. More even, less dull and – amazingly – just plain healthier. The Za tinted moisturiser I am using is also great – has good coverage, looks natural and doesn’t dry out. Now, how often can you say that? (Unless you use Lancolme, but I can’t afford their products!)

And the pièce de résistance is the pricing of the Za products. I bought the emulsion creme for less than NZD$25.00 and the tinted moisturiser was less than NZD$20.00 – zing! How good is that? Available at Farmers, too, which means the range is often on special, and if you have a Farmers beauty card you get points. 


Za New York Beauty Product Range