Outtakes, Bloopers and Gag Reels Saturday, Feb 6 2010 

Not very informative or educational, sure, but here are a few of my much loved bloopers picks care of YouTube! They made me laugh, so I figured they were worth posting! And it’s always fun to watch behind the scenes stuff ups from some of your fave movies and shows.

Ashley Green and Justin Long doing an ad for Teens For Jeans, a campaign that encourages people to donate their old jeans for the teenage homeless in the U.S. (Awww bless) Watch the footage here.

Behind the scenes of the TV show Extras with Ricky Gervais and a mass of Hollywood celebs. Watch The Art of Corpsing Part 1 and Part 2. So funny, made me laugh until I cried! God bless Ricky, always the consummate professional! (Note: Sarcasm)

The gag reel from Forgetting Sarah Marshall – if you’ve seen the movie you will crack up. I don’t know how they even completed the film considering how funny it is… to keep a straight face and act out some of these lines shows real willpower and talent! Watch it here.

Bloopers from the movie The Hangover.

The movie Anchorman is funny enough on it’s own, but these outtakes are great!

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like the TV show Friends – and to be honest, I don’t want to! Obviously, with 10 seasons, there is a multitude of gag reels for this epic show, but here is a good one just for a taste! These guys are just so brilliant! *Grins*

So that’s enough of my finds from YouTube – hope one of them gives you (at the very least!) a bit of a chuckle!

The Man Who Loves Causing Bloopers

Go Ricky, Go Ricky! Sunday, Nov 29 2009 

Last night I went and saw the new Ricky Gervais movie, The Invention of Lying. Now, I have been climbing the walls waiting for this movie ever since I heard it was coming out. Why? To be honest, I just love everything Ricky does. So even if I had to pay $15 to sit and watch Ricky sit on a couch and eat cheese (His apparent fave hobby) I’d gladly do so. But going by the ads and write ups, the movie seemingly had more going for it than just Ricky himself. And so it did.

First off, the plot is exceptionally different. I mean, don’t expect this movie to win an Oscar or anything (Really good movies never do) but it’s definitely one I’m going to buy on DVD when it comes out. Mark Bellison (Gervais) is a man living in a world without lies. In this world there is no such thing as embellishments, no fiction, no flattery. Everyone is brutally honest, and Mark struggles to find success in this reality as a writer, despite the content being flat-out boring (Imagination doesn’t exist). His romantic life is just as sad, due to the fact he is a “little fat man with a snub nose” in the eyes of Anna (Jennifer Garner) who is looking for a great genetic match to father children with. It is in this depressing, unimaginative reality that Mark suddenly discovers the ability to lie. The results are fantastic, hilarious, and to my complete surprise, utterly heartbreaking. The way it shone a light on human nature really got my thinking – which is quite a feat for a comedy! I wont go into detail other than to say this isn’t a fast paced flick, it’s a thought provoking comedy that makes you sit there afterwards and think about our society as a whole. Makes you consider the impact of religion, why we do the things that we do. Made me laugh, made me tear up – and made me high five my friend @FrostyBoy (See blog on the left hand side) when Stephen Merchant had his cameo.

Secondly, the cast is great! (Aside from the great Ricky Gervais and brilliant Stephen Merchant of course!) Jennifer Garner plays the romantic interest and plays it with surprising sincerity, Rob Lowe plays the nemesis (but you kinda want to pinch his cheek anyway), and then there’s Tina Fey, Jonah Hill, Louis C.K., and even PC! (As in, Hi I’m Mac and I’m PC!) John Hodgman is just hilarious and I loved his small part in this movie. 

All in all, I enjoyed it. I was hoping for more of Ricky’s humour to be inserted into the character, but then that’s the fan inside me talking! I was holding out for a glimpse of Karl Pilkington but alas, he must be off researching Monkey News or something! Joking aside, this movie was worth the price of the ticket and I walked out smiling. What more could I ask for?

The Invention of Lying

“I find that if you just talk, your mouth comes up with stuff.” Monday, Nov 9 2009 

To those of you that haven’t heard of the Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and (Oh I’m grinning already) the delightful Karl Pilkington podcasts, you’ve been missing out.

We all know Ricky. He is the extremely clever writer, producer and actor of The Office (Where he played pathetically funny David Brent) and Extras (Playing wannabe star Andy Millman), along with being in recent movies like Ghost Town and The Invention of Lying. He is also an amazingly successful stand-up comedian. Stephen is the lesser known but equally talented (Also award winning) writer and producer of The Office and Extras, and together with Ricky has recently written a script for a new movie called Cemetery Junction.

Karl on the other hand… Well. Different story really. Karl Pilkington was an unknown radio producer that happened to be placed as the producer on a new show with Ricky and Steve. It didn’t take long for them to see gold in Karls bizarre, nonlinear and, to be honest, downright stupid ideas. (Also, that he had a head like a f@cking orange!)

And so the podcasts were born. Five seasons of absolute hilarity, along with one-off podcasts focusing on different topics (e.g. Medicine, Natural History, The Arts) all which feature the three men discussing their thoughts on any given subject. Sounds a bit boring? Well, I promise, it isn’t! 

Despite a sort off halfcocked structure, the basis of the podcasts are Ricky and Steve trying to get Karl’s opinion on things. And Karl’s view of the world is idiotic, inane, completely warped and so hilarious that I cry with laughter listening to him. 

Hard to explain in a blog, but here are a few gems to get you on the Karl Pilkington track:

“If I was [Noah], I would have gone, “Hang on a minute, I’ve just seen somethin’ that looks a bit like this, let it drown”, have a bit of a clear out, but he was messin’ about savin’ everythin'” 

“Why didn’t evolution make a giraffe good at carpentry so it could build a ladder?” 

“You know how they say people have six senses? There’s loads more than that. [The ability to feel someone looking at you], that’s been around since man and dinosaur were knockin’ about.”

“We came from the sea originally, now we’re going back in it. Don’t go in it, unless you’re in a boat.” 

“Does the brain control you or are you controlling the brain? I don’t know if I’m in charge of mine.” 

“They say it all started out with a big bang. But, what I wonder is, was it a big bang or did it just seem big because there wasn’t anything else drown it out at the time?”

(On fun-sized chocolates) “I don’t know why they’re called fun-sized; I mean, if I called a midget fun-sized, they’d kick off” 

“It’s like the panda, they say that’s dying out. But what do they do? When you see them they’re just sitting in the jungle eating” 

“People who live in a glass house have to answer the door” – Karl invents his own phrase based on “Those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones”

“You don’t get anything done by planning” 

“Any problem solved is a new problem made.” 

Ahhh, I was just cracking up reading all of them! And it’s not just Karl. Ricky and Steve are truly brilliant, funny guys with a wealth of knowledge. I have spent many an hour listening and re-listening to these podcasts. Makes me laugh every time.

They are available to download on iTunes or Audible.com

Ricky Gervais, Stephen Merchant and Karl Pilkington

Three Wise men: Ricky, Steve and... Oh... Karl.

Ricky, Steve and Karl

Gazing through the empty orange