Christine Feehans Books Thursday, Jan 7 2010 

Christine Feehan is, easily, one of my top authors. She writes fantasy so well that whenever I finish one of her amazing books, I go straight online to her website to find out when the next one is due out and pre-order it. (From MightyApe of course!)

Ahhh, where do I start? So many good series… 

The Drake Sisters:

Okay, one of my most beloved of all the series is the Drake Sisters. Seven sisters, born in Sea Haven and each with her own legacy and mystic powers. They come from a long line of witches – the seventh sister gives birth to the next seven sisters to continue the line. Each book follows one sister (from oldest to youngest) as they find their destiny – their one true love. Yes, these are romance books, but they are also filled with intrigue, action and fantasy. 

The sisters all live together, for the most part, in their family mansion atop the cliffs of Sea Haven, overlooking the sea. This mansion itself is magic, filled with the power and prophecy of the Drake line. As each sister finds the man they are destined to spend their lives with, the house welcomes them, protects them in much the same way as it does the sisters. As disaster invariably strikes, the sisters bind together and use their magic to fight evil and to keep their family, and town, safe.

What really makes these books great, apart from the prolific writing, are the characters. Each sister is insanely different. Their careers are extremely broad – marine biologist, model, singer, author, spy, doctor etc – and each of them are endowed with different magic powers, except for the youngest who inherits all of the magical traits. Their personalities are also completely different from each other, and yet together, they create such a fantastic family you wish you were part of it. The leading men in the books are also not typical – they have as many flaws (physical, emotional, morally) as they do strengths. But this causes each book, each interaction to be intensely enthralling. 

These books are about love despite the odds. Love for your soulmate, love for your family, love for your community and love for yourself. These books are so good, you just wont put them down. A truly MAGICAL read. 

The Drake Sisters Series


The Ghost Walkers:

This is a series that is as much thriller as it is romance. Millionaire scientist Peter Whitney has spent his entire life crossing all moral lines to achieve his goals –  going so far as to kidnap, torture and murder. Whitney supposedly dies, but with so many questions hanging around, it seems possible he has gone into hiding to stop the truth from coming out. When his daughter, Lily, finds out she was part of a group of girls kidnapped from an orphanage years ago by the man she thought was her loving father, she joins forces with Ryland, an elite soldier genetically modified by Whitney to find out exactly what her father and the U.S. government has been up to. 

What comes to light is that Whitney collected a group of girls over the years – girls that showed psychic abilities. He then modified them genetically, adding to their abilities as well as giving them new ones. He then threw these girls back into the world, in many different situations, to monitor how they coped. His second project was taking elite soldiers and modifying them – both genetically and psychically. Whitney’s cruel and calculating mind destroys basically everybody’s lives and yet…

Lily and Ryland go about finding all of the lost girls that were so severely mistreated and abused by Whitney, using the elite soldiers to track them down. Each book focuses on one of the “lost girls” and their trials and tribulations – until they meet the one thing that can make it all worth it. A man, a soldier, who can change their life, and heart, forever. 

So action packed, full of twists and turns – totally not your typical romantic read! These books are as detailed, smart and thought-provoking as they are sexy, romantic and heartwarming. You can’t help but feel close to each of the characters – each of them so hurt, so abandoned in their own way that you jump for joy when they are able to find happiness. There are eight books in this series so far, with (hopefully!) many more to come… I CAN’T WAIT!

Ghost Walker Series


Ghost Walker Series: Mind Game


Christine Feehan has a lot of other books too, that are just as wonderful as the two series I just mentioned. But, alas, I don’t want to rattle one too much… Just look out for the Dark Series (also known as the Carpathian novels) which are a new twist on vampires, and the Leopard Series. There are single titles too – have a look at her website! I promise you, if you like paranormal romance, this is the author for you!

Evermore by Alyson Noel Monday, Jan 4 2010 

I love books. All kinds of books – which is why I also find myself reading the odd bit of young adult fiction. I went out the other day and spotted a book called Evermore by Alyson Noel, an author I had never heard of before. Reading the back, it seemed a little Twilight-wannabe, but I thought “Oh, I’ll give it a go.”

So I bought the first book (in a series of three, so far) and took it on holiday with me. I wasn’t expecting too much, but I really enjoyed it, and as soon as I could I ordered the next two on MightyApe.

Evermore is about a sixteen year old girl called Ever Bloom, who is the sole survivor of a horrific car accident that killed both of her parents and her little sister, Riley. Ever goes from a blonde, cheerleader type with a great life to a guilt-ridden, baggy-clothing wearing freak that lives with her rich but detached Aunt. Oh, and did I mention that since the crash where she sustained a massive head injury, she’s been psychic? 

She hears every single persons thoughts, more so on touch. She sits in school with her hood up over her head and her iPod on full blast, trying to drown out the nastiness of high school, the pain, the personal agonies. She cannot switch off her ability, sometimes finding the world too much to handle. Her two best (and only) friends, are Haven and Miles. Haven is a goth-emo-punk wannabe that just wants to be loved, and Miles is a fun, over the top gay guy. The three of them are the schools “losers”, but Ever doesn’t care. Her life is over, in her mind, as she holds herself responsible for the crash and wont forgive herself. The highlight of her day is that her dead sister Riley still visits her, still being as annoying as always, but will not inform Ever of where their parents are. Life continues on like this for a while…

Then one day, along comes Damen. Gorgeous, sexy, confident, worldly. Every female (and Miles!) jumps up and down for joy at the sight of this newcomer, except for Ever. Oh yes, she can’t help but drool over him too, but there is more to Damen than everyone else see’s. When Damen is around, when he touches her, the psychic voices fade away to nothing. He pulls flowers out of thin air, moves faster than should be humanly possible. Every little thing is noted by Ever, and even though she is suspicious of him, she falls very quickly in love.

Then things start to get dangerous, dark. People start to die, a woman from Damons past (Drina) turns up and steals away Haven, and Ever hits rock bottom and turns to alcohol to dull the pain of her life.

This book is for teens, yes, but it’s not soft and fluffy. It’s not an easy love story, and it’s not your typical Vamp page-turner either. It’s well written, you really feel for Ever and everything she has to go through, and the twists and turns are ones you would never guess. The characters aren’t perfect, but that makes it easier to relate to them. It’s a modern take on supernatural love, with mention of iPhones, The TV show Friends and MP3 players. 

If you have a teen queen (or king!) that loved Twilight, L.J. Smiths books or anything similar – then buy this series. If you are like me and find merit in just reading good books, no matter what the target audience is, then here’s the books for you! 🙂

Evermore by Alyson Noel

Young At Heart Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

So, when I was about twelve I came across a series of books by an author called L.J. Smith. They were written for teens of about sixteen, and as soon as I started reading them, I was hooked. 

There are several series written by this author, as follows.

The Vampire Diaries – This series (Soon coming to the small screen in a TV adaptation) centers around Elena Gilbert, a high school girl torn between two vampire brothers, Stefan and the very much darker Damon. Both have a history that haunts them, and their inner struggle comes out as they vie for Elena’s heart.

The Secret Circle Trilogy – Cassie moves to New Salem and finds herself embroiled with a coven of Witches. She finds love, friendship, fear, betrayal and her very own powers. A really good look into the good and bad in all of us.

The Night World Series – So far there are nine titles in this series, each based around different characters. The Night World is a secret society of vampires, werewolves and witches that are forbidden from loving someone not of their kind. Each book focusing on a member of the Night World, following them down the path of self destruction as they find their true Soulmates and have to make the biggest choice they will ever face.

The Forbidden Game Trilogy – Jenny is a pretty, bright, average kind of girl with a nice life. She has a great boyfriend and wonderful friends. Life was never complicated until she meets Julian in a party supply store. Turns out Julian is not of this world and has had his eye on Jenny since she was a child. His interest in her turning into something more passionate, he pulls her and her friends into his realm to play a game. If he wins, her friends die and she belongs to him. If she wins, they go free. But everything with Julian isn’t so black and white. The beautiful man from this different world is both evil and good, the hunter and the hunted, sane and insane. Passionate, driven by obsession and pain, these books are wonderfully deep and rich.

Dark Visions Trilogy – Kaitlyn is different; always has been. She can draw the future before it happens. A scientist with millions of dollars at his disposal offers her a place at his secret school for psychics. The best education in exchange for the right to study her powers. At the school Kaitlyn becomes close to the other psychics, and gets entangled in a love triangle between golden boy Rob (The healer) and dark, broody Gabriel (The psychic vampire). As expected, everything turns sour with the scientist and the teens go on the run. On the way they learn a lot about themselves, each other and where they belong.

The Night Of The Solstice and Heart Of Valor – Two novels about three siblings who jump through a mirror into another realm called the Wild World, where Morgana (Of King Arthur fame) is real. A bit of a younger audience for these two books, but still a wonderfully rich read.

I have reread these novels as an adult and, to be honest, I enjoyed them just as much as I remembered. Don’t scoff and say “Oh, another Twilight wannabe”. These books were around well before Stephanie Meyer was dreaming about Edward, so don’t confuse the two. (Although I do recommend the Twilight saga  as well, because it’s AMAZING!)

Happy reading.

Vampire Diaries Book Cover

Vampire Diaries Book Cover