As a girl, I adore having pretty nails. There isn’t anything comparable to the feeling you get after you get your nails done, look down and see the perfection that is your hands.

Unfortunately, I’m one of those unko’s that can never do my own nails right. They end up with bubbles, brush marks, or overlap onto the surrounding skin. In other words, it looks like I got a five year old with ADHD to have a go. Actually… My nails would still probably look better if they did them than if I did! (Yes, I’m just that bad)

My other depressing nail fact is that I have very weak nails. I’ve taken vitamins and I use hand creme like its going out of fashion – but alas, they still break, flake and chip. So even when I do get my nails done by a professional, they only look good for about a day. If that.

What’s the happy ending to this oh so tragic tale? Acrylic and gel nails! They are absolutely brilliant. Acrylic nails are made from a powder, which is then turned into a paste an shaped directly onto the nail. You end up with perfect, near-unbreakable nails of any length, colour or design you could possibly conceive of (I have a penchant for the classy french tip,myself!). They are a teensy bit thick, especially in comparison to your own nails, but take no maintenance and look perfect for weeks on end. And when you need to get them touched up, the nails are trimmed and filed, and the gap thats grown out is filled. 

Gel nails are fairly similar, and look almost completely natural, although they aren’t nearly as strong as acrylic nails. But both leave your hands looking absolutely gorgeous! Do it, it’s so worth it, and its honestly not very expensive. And you can paint over them, just like your normal nails, so you aren’t stuck with one colour! Brilliant. 

Acrylic Nails