Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy Anne Summers "The Slayer"

So I have a confession to make. In my oh so hallowed opinion (cough cough) Buffy the Vampire Slayer was, and still is, one of the best television series ever made.


I began watching it when I was 12, waaay back in 1997. From that very first pilot, I was hooked. A gorgeous, sassy blonde that tackled head on both the evils of high school and the insidious vampires (And other creatures) that roamed the night. Along with her tight knit group of friends, Buffy Anne Summers spent Seven Seasons growing up the hard way. On the hell mouth.

Now, this show has a massive and extremely loyal cult following. Despite the show wrapping up several years ago, people are still chatting daily about the show. Interviews of the stars on Youtube still get thousands of hits, comic books and novels are still being created along with so many fan-made websites a person couldn’t possibly have time to look at them all. Why? Many people turn their nose up when they hear anyone mention this show. I think thats sad. They really are missing out on a true gem.

Over the years, in an intricately woven, poignant plot written beautifully by creator Joss Whedon, we watch Buffy and her crew (Giles her Watcher, Xander and Willow her two best friends) grow up in Sunnydale. We watch them fight evil in the form of supernatural forces – vampires, werewolves, witches, demons and curses to name but a few. The show started with a very tongue in cheek feel to it, quite light, with lots of humour. Well as the years went by the quick, flippant jokes never stopped flowing, but the show grew up and so did it’s characters. Everything became darker, the themes went from mildly childish to unabashedly adult.

Here’s a few things that happened to shape this show:

Willow, Buffy’s best friend goes from a geeky little schoolgirl crushing on her friend Xander to the girlfriend of a werewolf named Oz who plays guitar in a rock band. She later becomes a hardcore Witch, and a lesbian after Oz leaves her. She falls in love with a fellow Witch called Tara who is later shot and killed, causing Willow to lose her sanity and almost end the world through her powers. 

Xander, Buffy’s other best friend throughout the series, goes from a dorky teen always trying to pick up chicks, to dating the most popular (If not bitchy) girl in school, Cordelia. He later goes on to become a builder after many failed career attempts, and falls in love with an ex vengeance demon named Anya. During the final season he loses one eye when it was gouged from his face by a minion of The First Evil. But throughout, Xander continues to be absolutely hilarious, his sense of humour really making the show what it is.

Then there’s Giles. Buffy’s stuffy British Watcher sent to guide her through the perils of slaying, who ends up becoming more a friend and father figure. Giles starts off very rigid, but throughout the seasons his dry sense of humour becomes his main trait. He falls in love with Jenny, a gypsy, who is murdered by Angel. Her body is left in his bed for him to find, an event that haunts him forevermore.

And then there is Buffy herself. Buffy fall’s completely in love with Angel. He is a vampire, but the only one in the world with a soul. He loses his soul through one moment of happiness with Buffy (Take a guess at how 😉 ) and turns evil, forcing Buffy to kill him after he goes on a mass killing spree. Angel is brought back from hell by The Powers That Be, but can no longer be with Buffy due to the risk of him losing his soul again. He leaves Sunnydale, but neither of them ever get over loving each other. Along with that, Buffy dies twice and is brought back, she gets kicked out of school and runs away from home, priests insert a Sister into her family one day using magic and most tragic of all, her Mother dies from complications associated with cancer. From that you see a very human superhero. She grieves, she has to pay the mortgage, she has to make sure her sister does her homework, all the while dropping out of College and working at a fast food joint.

The show is a masterpiece of darkness and humour, of the unexpected and the every day stresses of life. It is sex and sin and wit, but most of all, heart.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy cast - Season 4

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy crew - Season 2

I will forevermore adore this show, because it truly is brilliant. I have every episode on DVD, and continue to watch the show on and off whenever I need a pick me up.