Liquid Molten Saturday, Nov 27 2010 

In the bustling little suburb of Mt Eden, Auckland (New Zealand) is a restaurant/bar that has captured both my fancy, and my wallet. This great little place is called Liquid Molten.

On one side, you will find Molten – a higher end dining experience where the food is matched only by the superb service and wine selection. On the other, is Liquid – my home away from home. A classy little bar that opens up at the back to a private courtyard that boasts not only ambiance and style, but funky music and blankets for those cooler nights.

Open until late, this hidden refuge is where my friends and I go for coffee, wine, dessert and a good old gossip. The staff are fantastic, the coffee strong and the food divine – need I say more? I spend at least two or three nights there every week, either leisurely sipping coffee with girlfriends or stopping in for a quick drink before heading elsewhere.

So, my recommendation if you are looking for a quiet, classy coffee spot in central Auckland? Go to Liquid, it will be worth your while.

Ice Maiden Monday, Nov 16 2009 

So, Summer is almost upon us. Am I looking forward to the long days on the beach, the balmy weather, the lazy BBQ’s at friends houses? Yeah, sure. Of course. But Summer, for me, is about the important things.

Starbucks Frappuccino’s.

Ahhh, yes. Nothing quenches my thirst quite like a frappe, and I’ll tell you this: No one, NO ONE, makes an iced drink quite like Starbucks. Say what you will about them being a multi conglomerate (Blah Blah Blah) corporation – They make damn good drinks. My personal fave? A dark mocha frappe, with extra ice (So it’s chunky rather than just viscous) and no whipped creme. There are also a whole host of other flavours, ranging from java chip, chocolate, caramel and many others. 

So if you ever pass a Starbucks on a hot day – take my word on it and give one a go. Refreshing, delicious and thirst quenching. I’m addicted!


Starbucks Frappuccino