Tattoo Jeans Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

Ahhh, I have just purchased yet another pair of gorgeous jeans. They fit like a dream and make me look at least a size smaller… In other words, they’re magic!

“Crazy Age” is the brand and they offer a broad range of slightly punky, uber sexy jeans that really stand out. I bought mine from a retailer that sells on Trademe, and for NZD$70.00 I certainly can’t complain. 

Ahhh, there’s nothing quite like a great pair of jeans.


Crazy Age Heart Tattoo Jeans

Crazy Age Heart Tattoo Jeans



Hardy Ha-Ha Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

Hmm, I seem to be quite fashion minded at the moment. I have stumbled across a designer that has quickly become my fave! 

The Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier range is gorgeous. Very punk, which is so me, and is so invariably different from the boring pieces you see out and about that it makes other designers work look like the clothing equivalent of a wallflower next to it.

“Don Ed Hardy is an American tattoo artist raised in Southern California. He was a pupil of Sailor Jerry Collins. Through his association with Sailor Jerry, Hardy was invited to study tattooing in Japan in 1973 with the Japanese classical tattoo master, Horihide. He became recognized for incorporating Japanese tattoo aesthetic and technique into his American style work” – Wikipedia

With such an interesting path into fashion, Don Ed Hardy just brings so much fineness and dark gothic tones to his designs that I can’t help but marvel at each item as a piece of art. So far, I have only bought a few tops

Ed Hardy by Christian Audigier

Long sleeved top by Ed Hardy

, but seeing as the price tags range from NZD$120 to NZD$500 (On average) I have to show some restraint.

But to be honest, I really don’t want to! I’m going to go to bed tonight and dream about winning lotto, just so that I can go into an Ed Hardy shop and buy EVERYTHING.


I love big butts and I now know why! Sunday, Nov 8 2009 

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to try and find jeans when you have a tiny waist and a not-so-tiny butt? Well, seeing as thats the body I get to live with, I know all of the difficulties. 

I have never had an easy time finding jeans. I am in no way big, but designers seem to think of you have hips and a butt you must have a large waist too. Therein lies my problem…

Well, until now! I have, finally, come across a brand of jeans that fits me the way jeans should. That accentuate my curves and hug my body, as well as being funky and of good quality. 

Apple Bottoms

The Jeans for a big butt

Apple Bottoms

by the rapper/designer Nelly. They aren’t too pricy (Around NZD$160 for most styles) and wow, they fit like a dream. I have no gaping waistline, I have snug, beautiful jeans that make me feel great! I no longer curse my big J.LO type butt, because it no longer hinders me!

Thanks Nelly!

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