To Die For Saturday, Jan 9 2010 

I just found something that absolutely took my breath away. It’s totally girly and over the top, but I think I’m in love. I have finally found the most perfect makeup case. It’s massive, it has a million different compartments, and its on wheels. Oh, did I mention, its PINK?! 

It’s not cheap (NZD$285 + shipping) but I don’t care. It is beautiful and big enough to contain all of my makeup, hair products, skin products, nail polishes and tools. At the moment I have about six small makeup bags, all bulging at the seams, and I can never find what I want. HATE CLUTTER! This way I keep everything in order and have it all in one place… plus, all of my friends are going to be jjeeaalloouusss!

The New Zealand site that sells them is Glamour Cases but I also found a US site that sells them too, Yazmo. Have a look, there are a whole range of great cases to choose from!

Makeup Case

Shake It! Saturday, Dec 19 2009 

One of the guys from work brought in a Shake Weight today, and we all had a bit of a laugh at first. What is a Shake Weight, you ask? Well, it looks like giant dumbell, and it is for sculpting your arms, but in a completely different way. You hold the weight and “shake” it, up and down, side to side. The ends move as you do, adding to the resistance (though, you look like you are motioning something quite dirty, I must say!). You feel idiotic doing it (especially seeing as we were playing around with it at work!) but it really gave my arms a burn within minutes of using it!

According to the website, using the Shake Weight increases muscle activity by 300% more than by using your average weights. And silly as it sounds, the consensus around the office was “I want one!”. It’s easy to use, you feel your muscles start to ache within minutes, and there is no need for batteries or anything like that as it’s your own movement that powers it. Heck, even Ellen DeGeneres was raving about it on her show! It’s been in some of the top health magazines, and there is a lot of positive reviews online. 

I want one! Do you hear me, Santa? 😀

Shake Weight