Abra Cadavre Jewellery Monday, Apr 5 2010 

Recently, a New Zealand graphic designer started up his own jewellery collection. And I’ll tell you what – it’s bloody amazing!

The name gives you a hint at the tone of the collection (Abra Cadavre Jewellery – clever, isn’t it?) but for those of you that don’t get it, it’s a nod towards the macabre. Some of the pieces include Voodoo Doll Earrings, a Zombie Cameo and Severed Skull Studs. Dark, sexy, but still beautiful. Also, each piece is handmade and finely crafted.

I am lucky enough to have purchased a few things so far from the Abra Cadavre website, something for me and something for a friend. I don’t know who was more pleased, me or her!

The pieces aren’t expensive, starting from NZD$10.00 and going up to NZD$110.00. There are earrings, pendants, bracelets and cameos, with more being added to the product range all the time. If you like your jewellery with a bit of attitude that strays from the norm, then this is the range for you!

Abra Cadavre Jewellery

Pimp Your Wrists Monday, Dec 7 2009 

Now, every girl loves bracelets. You can accentuate an outfit, bling yourself up or just make yourself feel pretty with that little bit extra on your wrist. 

I am a big fan of bracelets and armbands, both of designer origin and the cheaper, costume jewellery type. I own everything from a Pandora bracelet to items from Equip and Bling. But my fave type of wrist-accessory are the varying range of leather wrist cuffs.

You can wear jeans and a simple t-shirt, add a leather cuff, and your outfit goes from simple and casual to having a bit of edge. There is a huge range of designs out there, from hardcore metal spikes and studs, to daintier types. Some are quite punk, some are butch, and some extremely feminine. Honestly, next time you’re out shopping, take a look around. Stores like Amazon, Glassons, Equip, Portmans and any surf-skate shop stock them – and usually for less than NZD$30.00.

Ohhh, I really love the leather cuffs with buckles… so hot! 🙂

Leather Cuffs With Buckles

Celtic Metal Cuff

Yellow Eyelet Cuff

Leather Cuffs With Faux Jewels

Pandoras Jewellery Box Tuesday, Nov 10 2009 

The most excited I have ever gotten about jewellery (Aside from Karen Walkers range, of course!) is when I first laid eyes on a Pandora bracelet. 

A simple rope styled chain with a carbine lock, these bracelets come in silver, gold and oxidised sterling silver. That said – then there’s the charms!

Every bracelet can be uniquely put together to reflect the individuals personality. Charms are available in silver and gold, along with many coloured charms made out of a crafted resin to make the bracelet look a bit more fun ad funky. But the real pièces de résistance of this particular range are the copious amounts of very individual charms. 

Whether it be something sparkly or something that holds meaning, a tiny crafted baby carriage for instance, it’s mo

Pandora Bracelet

Pandora Bracelet

st likely available. Each of my charms was bought or given to me with meaning and thought behind the purchase, meaning each time I wear my bracelet I not only go “Yay! Pretty!” but I also get that warm reminder of the good aspects of my life.


Love. It.