Baby Phat Handbags Saturday, May 29 2010 

Now, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a GUESS girl through and through. When it comes to handbags, not much can distract me from the G label. Buuttt… I will admit to deviating from my obsession a few times. For a good quality, stylish but sexy handbag for everyday wear, I am GUESS all the way. But, when I want to funk it up a bit, make my outfits a little bit more playful… I turn to the Baby Phat range of handbags by mogul Kimora Lee Simmons.

The Baby Phat label is not only famous for its handbags, but also for shoes, clothing and accessories. That’s all good and well, but I am most taken with the outrageously over the top bags, not the other stuff!

The handbags are fun and quirky, certainly not demure in any way, shape or form. They range from approximately NZD$100 to around about NZD$500 – but in most cases, you are looking at the former rather than the latter. The bags are more often than not covered in bling, with shiny buckles, accessories and edgy designs. They look great with a simple jeans/boots/t-shirt combo, or to zest up a little black dress. These aren’t the bags for you if you wear a lot of colour or stand-out cuts, as it would just be waaaay too much. For those of you who spend most of your days in fairly simple attire? Baby Phat = WIN!

Have a look at some of the great designs to choose from!

Two Baby Phat Handbags And Matching Wallet

Baby Phat Handbag

Baby Phat Handbag

Baby Phat Handbag

Baby Phat Handbag

Guess Again! Thursday, Mar 18 2010 

Okay, so I have posted about Guess handbags before, along with my adoring love of them. But I just had to share with you my new buy! 😀

My brand new WHITE Guess handbag and clutch. Why? Because I had a cold this week and was feeling down in the dumps, and my darling Mother spotted a designer handbag sale and took me along to cheer me up. Well, colour me cheered!

Love love LOVE the bag, and the clutch I am going to use as an oversized wallet. Brilliant.

My fantastic new GUESS set

Guess Who? Monday, Nov 16 2009 

In my eyes, the ultimate accessory for any women (Or man, if he’s that way inclined – but I would laugh at him) is a really nice handbag. It doesn’t have to be worth thousands and it doesn’t have to be designer. But it does have to have something special, a personality all its own.

I find that I have to dress a certain way for work – as we all do. My style can be kind of punky, which doesn’t exactly go down well in an office, so I tend to dress in muted colours with conservative cuts. How do I make myself feel like me,  even when I’m respectfully conforming? My accessories! 

My jewellery, my belts, perhaps my hair. But more importantly, and most heavenly, I zing up my outfits with my handbag. My brand of choice? Guess.

Ahhh, Guess handbags. They aren’t exactly cheap (Ranging from NZD$150 – NZD$350) for your every day, non-exclusive bags. But god they are beautiful. You know when you go into a pet store and have that compulsion to wander over and stroke the puppies and kittens? Well, thats me with Guess bags. I’m sure that, given time, I will start to talk baby talk to them too!

My Guess bag cheers me up every morning as I pick it up and walk out the door to work. It reminds me of my individuality, as well as making me think “Awww, pretty!”. Deep? No. But hey, I’m talking about handbags here! What were you expecting? Extracts from Deepak Chopra?

Guess Handbags

Guess Handbags